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Ancient Rome

Birthplace of the Empire

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The Roman ForumThe temples, baths, columns  and arches of Ancient Rome are remarkably well preserved. Don't miss the Roman Forum as pictured to the left, the heart of ancient Rome which is crowded with the jumbled ruins of temples, basilicas and other buildings spanning 1100 years including  the Temple of Vesta and the Senate House, a wonderful evocative place to wander in, where the business of the Empire was conducted. 


Walk through the forum and up to the Arch of Titus and onto probably the most recognisable building in Rome , the Colosseum, probably the most magnificent of Rome's ancient monuments was started by the Emporer Vespasian in AD72 and was completed seven years later by his son, Titus. The Colosseum was inaugyrated with a gala in which no fewer than 5,000 animals were slaughtered in an afternoon, followed by over 100 days of continuous games and other entertainment!


There are many more sites to visit, The Pantheon, the grandest monumenThe Colosseumt of Roman antiquity, built by Hadrian in AD128, its immense cupola was the largest free standing dome in the world until as late as 1960, Trajan's Column and circus, the Circus Maximus and more!! There is so much to see!