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The Lakes of Italy

For Mountains and Scenery


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Lake ComoCelebrated for centuries for their great natural beauty, the Italian Lakes, these days, are for the most part, a romantic medley of mountains, forests, lakeside villas and mild-weathered resorts. The big three - Como, Garda and Maggiore are well-known, slightly less well-known are Iseo and Orta.


Como takes most of the scenic plaudits, being the most dramatic of the lakes. The best thing to do is to take a tour of the lake by boat.

Maggiore is a must, if only to visit the Isle Borromee, an archipelago in the lake.

Garda  is the largest of the Italian Lakes, its landscapes divided between gentleLake Garda plains in the south and tree covered hills and mountains in the north. You really need a car to do the lakes justice!