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Pompeii and Herculaneum

Frozen in Time

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Vesuvius from SorrentoOn 24th August AD79 Vesuvius had been belching smoke and debris fro several days. Early that morning, however, its basalt plug collapsed unleashing the full force of the volcano. A huge cloud blotted out the sun, raining dust, stone and lava onto the surrounding countryside. Pompeii was buried within hours by a pyroplastic flow, killing large numbers of its inhabitants. That evening the volcano's internal walls disintegrated, Herculaneum was engulfed at this point by a flood of super heated mud.


The House of Venus, PompeiiThe site at Pompeii is huge and even spending a day here leaves many stones unturned. Some houses are little more than foundations, although some. like the House of Venus, still have beautiful frescoes on their walls. There is a theatre and an amphitheatre and lots more to explore. Visit one of the 'Houses of Ill-Repute', to see the explicit frescoes there!!


Hot Food Shop, HerculaneumHerculaneum lies towards the sea from Vesuvius. On the whole it is better preserved than Pompeii, though there are fewer impressive civic buildings. Both sites are in need of protection from the elements and tourists to preserve what is left for posterity. There is still a great deal to excavate at both sites.